Here are some of the comments we have received about our exhibitions.

Brentwood Library Exhibition 1st - 31st August 2019 - Comments


"Very interesting and beautiful collection of photography. Thank you! Jo."
"Stunning photographs, Monochrome is great! MMH."
"Thank you for the beautiful photos. JB."
"Great to see use of monochrome - not often so many to see in one place & such a variety. 17/8/19."
"Impressive display of striking photographs."
"What a wonderful surprise to experience such delightful art-for-art's sake photographs in Brentwood. Thank you. Steve (fellow photographer)."

Colchester Library


Calming and soothing - just love black and white - great selection.

The Forum, Southend


As a lover of monochrome I visited The Forum today to have a look at your exhibition. Just wanted to say how good it is. A great variety of work, nice to look at prints rather than screen images for a change.

Chelmsford Library


Lovely - black & white has its unique place in photography.

Chelmsford Library


So delighted that you are all producing such wonderful images - they remind me of the work of the late great Edwin Smith (who lived many years in Saffron Walden and with his wife produced splendid books on English Churches, Cottages and Italian Gardens (Thames & Hudson).

Chelmsford Library


This exhibit is really minimalist - if not due to the style of art, by the colour scheme. I like the lack of colour as it draws attention to what is there. Great Exhibition.